You guys, everything has been so terrible lately that we really need to take the time to revel in the sneaky mistress that is karma herself. And boy, did it she really sock it to known asshat Milo something. In the span of mere days, this hellfire of a human lost a keynote speaking slot at a large conservative conference, a book deal with Simon & Schuster, AND his fucking job at Breitbart News.

Now, first of all, if you have no idea who this dickwad is: GOOD. He’s a fucking terrible and severely mediocre white dude who pretends to be edgy by degrading every vulnerable group imaginable. And because America is all about that white, male, subpar douchebag life (hi, President Trump), Milo has been showered with money and attention for it.


Let’s go through it all in depth, shall we?

On Monday, the Conservative Political Action Conference (puke) cancelled Milo’s much-maligned feature appearance after audio came out of him advocating for pedophilia/pederasty. Naturally, the internet had OPINIONS:

As if Monday didn’t already punch Milo in the gut enough already, Simon & Schuster cancelled his book deal (which was a bullshit move in the first place). At this point, Twitter started to throw a little party:

And to top off this tasty trifecta, Breitbart News canned his ass. Do you know how bad you have to be for Breitbart to fire you?! Of course, the people of the world wide web had some points to make:

Finally, let’s not mince words: Every organization above was totally okay going along with Milo’s long-documented bigotry, if that tells you anything about our fucking society.

In sum: Good riddance Milo! We’re glad to see the free market finally bite you in the ass.

And, let’s be real, it shouldn’t have taken this fucking long to happen. BYE.