The very first thing you should know about Hellbent Podcast: We’re *obsessed* with Maxine Waters. She has no time for bullshit and has been on her “Reading This Town for Filth” tour since 1990. With the election of Donald Trump, the Honorable Ms. Waters has spoken even more truth to power and is truly a North Star in these uncertain times.

As such, we will be providing crucial (and weekly) Maxine Waters updates, both on the pod and here in the blog. We feel it is paramount to keep our Hellbenters abreast of all the fierce Maxine happenings throughout 2017 and beyond.

First, let’s talk about the fact that Congresswoman Waters has been keeping her eye on the Trump-Russia prize, even amidst the 82263 batshit things that happen on any given day. On Jan. 31, she introduced legislation demanding investigation into ties between the President and the Kremlin’s interference into our election.

And Maxine isn’t mincing any fucking words, telling Teen Vogue straight up, “I believe that this president should be impeached.”

On top of checking Trump, Republicans, and the media on Russia, Maxine (along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi) has been railing against Trump’s “Wall-Street first” agenda. And if you think Queen Maxine has stopped there, then you would be wrong. She is steadfastly criticizing all of the billionaires in Trump’s cabinet, efforts to roll back Dodd-Frank, and Trump’s numerous business conflicts.

Lastly, you know the baddest bitch in Congress had to weigh in on Grizzly Bear gun truther/our new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, calling her a “billionaire wannabe teacher” and a “disaster.”

A busy week for the woman who is showing all Democrats just how to lead. We salute you, Maxine, and we’re looking forward to doing this again next week.

And by the looks of it, our Hellbenters co-sign this motion… 🙂