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Devon and Sarah sit down with gubernatorial candidate & Georgia House Rep. and Stacey Abrams about the future of the Democratic party, romance novels, and Star Trek. (You do NOT want to miss this interview).

They also discuss healthcare (duh), Trump’s attempt to ban transgender service members from the military, Trump’s ridiculous speech in front of the Boy Scouts of America, and why McCain is certainly not a maverick. (Though we here at Hellbent HQ do wish him well and hope his treatments are successful.)

They award the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery.

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Key Articles

  1. The 17 most jaw-dropping moments of Donald Trump’s speech to Boy Scouts by Daniel Dale (The Star)
  2. Trump calls immigrants “animals” who “slice and dice” young girls at unhinged rally in Ohio by Alison R. Parker (ShareBlue)
  3. Health Care Vote: Senate Rejects Repeal Without Replace by Thomas Kaplan and Eileen Sullivan (NYTimes)
  4. A Texas Republican suggests he’d duel Susan Collins over health care if she were a man by Carly Sitrin (Vox)
  5. ‘Snatch a Knot in Their Ass’: GOP Congressman Defends President Trump’s Criticism of Sen. Lisa Murkowski by Aric Jenkins (Time)
  6. ‘Skinny’ Obamacare repeal still lacks votes to pass by Burgess Everett, Jennifer Haberkorn, and Seung Min Kim (Politico)
  7. Here’s the Lowdown on ‘Skinny Repeal’ of Obamacare by Benjy Sarlin (NBC News)
  8. John McCain’s Incongruous Speech by David A. Graham (The Atlantic)
  9. I Don’t Want To Hear Another Fucking Word About John McCain Unless He Dies Or Actually Does Something Useful For Once by Alex Pareene (The Concourse)
  10. Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people by Jeremy Diamond (CNN)
  11. The military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender medical care by Christopher Ingraham (Boston Globe)
  12. Inside Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops by Rachel Bade and Josh Dawsey (Politico)
  13. Trump Military Ban Indicates Attempt to Make Trans People Second Class Citizens by (friend of the Pod) Katelyn Burns (GoMag)
  14. The Justice Department Just Argued Against Gay Rights In A Major Federal Case
    by Dominic Holden (BuzzFeed News)
  15. Democrats sidestep social issues in new economic push by Heather Caygle and Elana Schor (Politico)
  16. Young Black Democrats, Eager to Lead From the Left, Eye Runs in 2018 by Alexander Burns (NYTimes)
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Gratitude Check Links

  1. Why More Americans Are Getting Paid Sick Days by Emily Peck (HuffPost)
  2. The Girl Scouts will now offer merit badges for STEM achievements by Alessandra Maldonado (Salon)
  3. Girl Scouts Return $100K Donation with Anti-Transgender Stipulation, Raise Almost $250K by Alex Heigl (People)
  4. Court: Violence Law Unfair to Gay South Carolina Couples by Meg Kinnard (AP)
  5. Updated: Democrat Cavanaugh pulls off upset in state Senate special election by John DiStaso (WMUR)
  6. Why Democrats are feeling optimistic about a local win in New Hampshire by Ella Nilsen (Vox)

Action Items

  1. Donate to SaveSnopes gofundme Ed note: Snopes informed me that I was wrong about JFK putting men’s hats out of fashion. THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WE NEED ANSWERED.
  2. To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban by Angela Dumlao/@callmethey (Medium)
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  4. Find an event to save the ACA –
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Maxine Waters Update & The Maxine Waters Award in Badassery

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