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Devon and Sarah discuss the Charlottesville rally and the reactions to the racist motherfuckers who put it on. They also discuss the White House’s refusal to call white men terrorists. They also renamed the Donald Trump Dishonor in Dickwaddery to simply “Dickwad of the Week.” This week’s dickwad is an entire fucking state.

Quick note: Devon talks about a UN commission warning the US that protester rights are in jeopardy. It was a UN report, but not from a specific commission.

Editor’s Note: This episode focuses on the rally and subsequent attack in Charlottesville. It contains graphic descriptions and may be triggering to some listeners.

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Dickwad of the Week

  1. Runner Up: BUDDY FUCKING CARTER GOP Rep. Buddy Carter: We’ll Help Clear Rape Kit Backlogs ‘Unless They’re a Sanctuary City’ by Ellie Shechet (The Slot/Jezebel)
  2. LOSER: THE FUCKING STATE OF INDIANA Republicans limiting early voting in Marion County, letting it bloom in suburbs by Fatima Hussein (IndyStar)
  3. Trump Administration on the Right to Vote: Use It or Lose It by Ari Berman (Mother Jones)

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