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Devon and Sarah discuss international and domestic policy, how Trump has absolutely no understanding of how government works, and worse, doesn’t have an ideology to speak of. They also cover what is going on the Resistance and bestow the Donald Trump Dishonor in Dickwaddery to a lot of people.

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Donald Trump Dishonor in Dickwaddery Links

  1. Hiring Anti-Trump Conservative Is Part Of New York Times’ Effort To Expand Opinion by Michael Calderone and Nick Baumann
  2. New York Times defends hiring extreme climate denier: ‘millions agree with him’ by Joe Romm
  3. White House Adviser Who Opposes Paid Leave, Equal Pay Now Working On Women’s Issues by Emily Peck
  4. Rape Survivor Listens As Judge Praises Former Mormon Bishop Who Abused Her by Hayley Miller
  5. Rape survivors will go to jail if they refuse to testify in Louisiana: District attorney by Sarah K. Burris
  6. Why Do Democrats Feel Sorry for Hillary Clinton? by Andrew Sullivan (Ed. note: I refuse to link to this garbage)

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