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Devon and Sarah discuss Russia (with a particular emphasis on Carter Fucking Page and Paul Fucking Manafort), how unsurprising it is that Donald Trump has no fucking clue what he’s doing with either foreign or domestic policy, and why gun control is a seriously feminist issue. They also award the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery.

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Key Articles

  1. FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page by Ellen Nakashima, Devlin Barrett, and Adam Entous
  2. Trump says he has ‘confidence’ in FBI Director Comey but it’s ‘not too late’ to fire him by Matt Zapotosky
  3. The White House has lots of alternative facts on troublesome former advisers by Aaron Blake
  4. Trump just made some very strange comments about Stephen Bannon by Aaron Blake
  5. CNN Exclusive: Classified docs contradict Nunes surveillance claims, GOP and Dem sources say by Jim Sciutto, Manu Raju, and Eric Bradner
  6. US election ‘hacking’: Russian man arrested in Spain at request of American authorities by Samuel Osborne
  7. British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia by Luke Harding, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, and Nick Hopkins
  8. C.I.A. Had Evidence of Russian Effort to Help Trump Earlier Than Believed by Eric Lichtblau
  9. AP Exclusive: Manafort firm received Ukraine ledger payout by Jack Gillum, Chad Day, and Jeff Horwitz
  10. Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort To Register As Foreign Agent: Reports by Paul Blumenthal
  11. Tillerson Asks Why U.S. Taxpayers Should Care About Ukraine by Nick Wadhams and John Follain
  12. After Campaign Exit, Manafort Borrowed From Businesses With Trump Ties by Mike McIntire
  13. Spicer: Hitler ‘didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,’ although he sent Jews to ‘the Holocaust center’ by Jenna Johnson and Ashley Parker
  14. ‘I Screwed Up’: Sean Spicer Apologizes for Holocaust Comments by Michael M. Grynbaum
  15. Trump Inaccurately Remembers Where He Recently Launched 59 Missiles by Joanna Rothkopf
  16. President Trump Reverses on Candidate Trump’s Economic Views by Gillian B. White
  17. Shocker: Donald Trump Also Sounds Illiterate on Tax Policy by Jordan Weissmann
  18. North Carolina bill banning same-sex marriage again won’t be heard, House speaker says by Mark Berman
  19. North Carolina bill would punish sports conferences that boycott over anti-LGBT laws by Lindsay Gibbs
  20. If you’re shocked by the San Bernardino shooting, you haven’t been paying attention – The Time Editorial Board

Maxine Waters Update & The Maxine Waters Award in Badassery

  1. Dianne Bentley saved receipts, helped take down her cheating governor husband by Claire Lampen
  2. Waters: Gutting Dodd-Frank is still the Wrong Choice for America U.S. House Committee on Financial Services Press Release (from Rep. Maxine Waters, Ranking Member)

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Listener Feedback

Brian Williams’ Use of Leonard Cohen’s Words to Praise Airstrikes on Syria Is More Appropriate than You (Or He) Might Think by Tom Hawking

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